The 10 Best Budget 4 Season Tents

Last Updated: August 11, 2020
Written by James Silva

Need a tent that’s ready for whatever mother nature can throw at you? And don’t want to break the bank? We’ve got you covered with 10 of the best budget 4 season tents. We’ve based our analysis on durability, weatherproofing, weight, ventilation, and cost.

We’ve also included a buyer’s guide at the bottom so you know what to look for in a quality, budget four season tent.

Now, just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you need to skimp on a quality night’s sleep. After all, there’s nothing worse than being wet and miserable at the end of a full day’s exploring when all you want to do is sleep. Choosing one of these affordable 4 season tents below will ensure you have the peaceful rest you deserve.

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

Our favorite 4 season tent for those on a budget is the Geertop 2 Person Tent. It strikes the optimal balance between affordability and durability, with waterproof features that allow it to hold up great under rain, wind and snow loads.

The outer layer of this two-layer tent is constructed from rugged 210T anti-tear checkered polyester. This durable polyester helps prevent any cuts and holes from forming, preventing the elements from finding their way inside.
A waterproof coating has also been added to the outer layer, making it waterproof up to 3,000mm. This is great, but they’ve even increased waterproofing for the Oxford fabric floor to 5,000mm.

Combined with the skirting that surrounds the base of the tent, you’ve got yourself a very water and snowproof tent for winter.

For summer, the outer layer can be removed, leaving you with just the inner breathable layer that consists of 2 doors with mesh windows.

Ventilation is provided by two ventilation windows on the outer layer and two doors. The inner layers have two large mesh panels. Ventilation is important year-round. It’s especially needed in winter to avoid condensation build-up inside the tent.

The tent is a good size for two people. The inner layer dimensions are 78(L) x 55(W) x 41(H) inches. There are also two storage vestibules, but these are relatively small.

Weighing 6.4 lbs, this is a very lightweight tent for an affordable, 4 season tent. Other tents at this pricepoint tend to weigh considerably more, or are made of thin materials that struggle to keep the winter elements out.

Overall, we really like the waterproofing, ventilation and durability of this dual-layer four season tent. Given the price, we think it’s your best bet for your next camping adventure.


  • Seasons: 4
  • Persons: 2
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs
  • Base size: 78 x 55 inches
  • Height: 41 inches
  • Waterproofing: 3,000mm outer layer. 5,000mm floor.
  • Outer layer: 210T anti-tear checkered polyester
  • Inner layer: 2 x doors and mesh windows for ventilation
  • Floor: Oxford fabric with seam taped
  • Poles: Freestanding aluminum


  • Outer layer detaches for summer use
  • 2 large doors
  • Comes in waterproof duffle bag


  • Lightweight at 6.4 lbs
  • Skirting takes elements away from the tent
  • Waterproof outer layer and floor
  • Very affordable


  • Vestibules could be bigger
  • Ventilation flaps on the outer layer cannot be opened from inside the tent

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

Ideal for the very budget-conscious, this 2 person tent from FlyTop is an entry-level 4 season tent. With two-layers, the outer layer features 210T PU3500MM anti-tear checkered polyester with the seams taped. This is coated with PU 3,500 water resistance.

The inner layer is 210T breathable polyester with no-see-um mesh wall panels to aid thermal performance. The floor is made from Oxford fabric with a coating that increases waterproofing to PU 4,000mm.

Ventilation is helped by the two doors and two pop-up ventilation windows on the outer layer.

The height is a comfortable 45.28 inches, with the inside area measuring 59 x 83 inches. Two vestibule areas of 8ft2 are also included.

Weighing 5.9 lbs, this tent is certainly light enough for hikers to include with the backpacks. You’ll need to go up a couple of price brackets if you want something more lightweight that still provides comfort in all 4 seasons.

At well under $100, this is one of the best value 4 season tents we’ve seen. You’ll be paying a lot more for a similarly spec’d tent from a big outdoor retailer.


  • Seasons: 4
  • Persons: 2
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs
  • Base size: 59 x 83 inches
  • Height: 45.3 inches
  • Waterproofing: 3,500mm outer layer, 4,000mm floor.
  • Outer layer: 210T anti-tear checkered polyester, seam taped.
  • Inner layer: 210T breathable polyester with high-density nylon mesh
  • Floor: 210D Oxford fabric with taped seams
  • Structure: Aluminium poles


  • 2 pop up ventilation windows
  • 2 doors for easy access
  • Light hook and internal storage compartments


  • One of the cheapest in our list
  • Great waterproofing features
  • Ample height of 45.3 inches allows for easy sitting


  • Included stakes could be of better quality. May need to buy some additional.
  • Mixed reports of zipper durability. Most buyers have no issues, but some have reported fatigue after minimal use.

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

This tent is ideal for the performance-minded campers. The Alps Mountaineering 3 person, 4 season tent features some high-quality finishes that push it to the next level.

We like that you can access the vents from inside. This allows you to control the ventilation and airflow without having to leave the comfort of your tent. Another handy feature is that you can just leave the doors open for increased ventilation without having to worry about the rain finding its way inside.

The freestanding nature of this affordable four-season tent opens up the possibilities of where you can pitch it as you don’t need to find any stable structures to connect your lines to.

The outer layer is kept watertight with the help of the 185T polyester with 1500mm waterproof coating. The 185T poly taffeta floor has a 5000mm waterproof coating and weatherproof fly buckles to ensure a dry night’s rest.

The Alps Tasmanian is generously sized with the height reaching 5’4” and a base size of 6’7” x 7’8”. Adding to the generous proportions are the two large vestibules (21ft2) that can easily store large rucksacks.

All of this room and durable materials come with one main downside; weight. At 9.8 lbs it is on the heavier side. So, keep this in mind if you’re planning on carrying it as you may need to share the load (ie one person carries the fly and friend carries the rest).

Overall this is perhaps the best tent in our list for tall campers looking for a versatile 4 season tent that comes with a good amount of storage room and can handle snow and rain loads well.


  • Seasons: 4
  • Persons: 3
  • Weight: 9.8 lbs
  • Base size: 6’7” x 7’8”
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Waterproofing: 1500mm outer layer, 5000mm floor.
  • Outer layer: 75D 185T Polyester
  • Floor: 75D 185T Poly Taffeta
  • Frame: Multi-hub 7000 series aluminum poles


  • Freestanding pole system
  • 2 Vestibules for storage
  • Factory-sealed fly and floor


  • Nice usability features including open/close vents from inside
  • Generously sized storage space
  • Durable materials and factory sealed seams


  • One of the more expensive tents in our list
  • Relatively heavy at 9.8 lbs. You can knock 2 lbs off by opting for the 2 person model if you don’t need the extra room.

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

The Moko 3 person is another 4 season tent worthy of consideration. The dome design features two layers with a built-in Oxford floor.

This is aimed at families, so it’s big and bulky. The 6.7 ft inner floor provides ample room for 3 people and the 3.5 ft height allows for comfortable sitting.

The elements are kept at bay thanks to the outer layer that provides 2,500mm waterproofing, and the floor that provides 5,000mm.

Ideal for budget-conscious families that aren’t doing a lot of hiking with the tent. The biggest detractor of this tent is the 9.9 lbs weight. This makes it one of the heaviest in our list.


  • Frame: Fibreglass poles
  • Seasons: 4
  • Persons: 3
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Base size: 70.8 x 82.7 inches
  • Height: 41.3 inches
  • Waterproofing: 2,500mm outer layer. 5,000mm floor.
  • Outer layer: 190T polyester fabric
  • Inner layer: 180T fire protection US CPAI-84
  • Floor: Polyethylene fabric
  • Frame: Fibreglass poles


  • Detachable hood roof
  • Hook and side pockets for torch and valuables
  • Large ventilation window


  • Cheap 3 person tent (less than $100)
  • Good sized interior
  • Nice waterproofing features


  • One of the heaviest in our list at 9.9 lbs.
  • Not as many features as some other tents in our list

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

There is a lot to like about the Hillman 2 person high altitude tent. Especially so given the very affordable price.

Waterproofing features include double-stitched seams and a very impressive PU 10,000 mm waterproof silicon-coated nylon outer layer. There is also skirting attached to the bottom of the outer layer that helps push the snow and rain away from the tent. This is a very handy feature.

The inner dimensions are 126 x 47 inches with a maximum height of 39 inches. This height allows for easy sitting up and the size is big enough to fit 2 adults, but won’t accommodate much else in the way of gear.

The durability of the materials is good. But, you can’t expect a $100 tent to have the same durability as a $300+ tent.

If you don’t have a lot of experience setting up tents, then you may need to watch some YouTube videos to assist as the instructions are not in English and some owners have reported issues setting it up.

We strongly recommend a setup and takedown practice run at home before venturing out with this tent as you don’t want to get stuck without internet access to assist (if needed).

The weight is a very respectable 6.2 lbs. This makes it accessible to take on the trail with you. You can find lighter tents out there, but it’s unlikely they’ll hold up in winter due to the lighter material or they are considerably more expensive. If budget is your primary concern and you need a 4 season tent, then you are going to have to make a weight sacrifice.

One area we think this tent could be improved is the ventilation for the inner layer. The outer layer provides quality ventilation, but this airflow can struggle to reach the inner layer. Potentially leaving you with some condensation build up.

Overall we think this is a good choice for budget-conscious campers that have some experience setting up tents and are not expecting a super lightweight tent for the price.


  • Seasons: 4
  • Persons: 2
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs
  • Base size: 126 x 47 inches
  • Height: 39 inches
  • Waterproofing: 10,000 mm outer layer.
  • Outer layer: 20D 360T nylon
  • Inner layer: 20D nylon
  • Frame: Aluminum poles


  • 2 ventilation windows
  • Seams are double stitched
  • Cross pole design for strength


  • Impressive PU 10,000mm waterproofing on outer layer
  • Skirting to push away snow and water is a nice feature
  • Very affordable for a 4 season tent


  • Ventilation on inner layer could be improved
  • If you need a lighter 4 season tent, you’ll need to look at higher price brackets.
  • Setup instructions are not in English

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

This 1 person tent from Geertop provides a lightweight, durable and affordable solution for 4 seasons. The design is freestanding so you don’t need to worry about finding a tree or other structure to tie to.

You’ll stay dry thanks to the 20D nylon tear-resistant plaid fabric coated with PU4000mm waterproofing on the flysheet outer layer. The floor is made from 210D Oxford cloth that has a PU 5000mm waterproof coating.

The inside sleeping area dimensions of this 1 person tent are 81 x 43 inches. But, unlike some other 1 person tents, the Geertop has a generous height of 43 inches so you are free to sit up and move about.

Air is mainly circulated through the front door and from the sides. There are no ventilation flaps in the inner layer, but the 210T material allows air to circulate in and out.

At 4 lbs, it’s light enough to throw in your backpack to enjoy the trails without much additional effort.

We like how easy this tent is to erect. Being a 1 person tent, you really don’t want a complicated setup that requires assistance from a fellow camper. The free-standing design allows for a quick 5 minute setup so you can spend more time relaxing.

Overall, this is a great option for those that are mainly after a lightweight 1 person tent that will mostly be used during the 3 seasons but can also be used in the colder, windy conditions of winter. But, if you’re mainly using it for winter, then you may need to go up a price bracket for increased resistance to snow and rain loads.


  • Seasons: 4
  • Persons: 1
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Base size: 81 x 43 inches
  • Height: 43 inches
  • Waterproofing: PU 4000mm outer layer, PU 5000mm floor.
  • Outer layer: 20D tear-resistant nylon
  • Inner layer: 210T breathable polyester & high-density fine nylon mesh
  • Floor: 210D Oxford cloth
  • Frame: Freestanding aluminum poles


  • Large vestibule shelter
  • Free standing pole design
  • Detachable outer layer


  • Removable outer layer for summer camping
  • Lightweight
  • Easy, 1 person assembly in 5 minutes.


  • No ventilation flaps to control airflow
  • Relatively bulky if space is at a premium

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

Now for a 4 season tent that exudes personality. Introducing the Vidalido 5 person dome, yurt or teepee style tent.

The conical structure for this tent performs well under snow loads as snow just runs off because it has nowhere to accumulate.

The Vidalido is also built for performance with doors and windows constructed with 2000D PU 3000MM high-density mesh. The outer layer is constructed with anti-tear 190T patterned polyester and the floor is made from 150D Oxford fabric.

You can remove the outer layer and just keep the inner layer for those hot days. You can even erect both the inner and outer tents if you want.

But, this is now your average tent for the trail as it weighs 14 pounds. It’s more suited for somewhere you can take your family in a car and pitch your tent close by.

We really like the versatility. This could make a great all-year-round tent plus its yurt design makes it ideal for festival camping, or dare I say glamping.

This is the highest tent in our list. At 7.9 feet high, even Michael Jordan can walk around inside without issue.

Overall, with ample room, solid ventilation and load-bearing features, this could be your ideal year-round family tent provided that you don’t need to strap it to your back and hike with it.


  • Seasons: 4
  • Persons: 5
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Base size: 12.5 feet diameter
  • Waterproofing: PU 3000mm windows and door
  • Outer layer: Anti-tear 190T patterned polyester
  • Inner layer: 2000D high density mesh
  • Floor: 150D Oxford fabric
  • Frame: Anti-rust and reinforced steel poles


  • Ventilation via cone top and sides
  • Central steel pole provides structural support
  • Fun teepee design


  • Versatile and fun yurt design. Great for camping, festivals or backyard stargazing.
  • Large floor area with 12.5 feet diameter
  • Two layers can be erected separately


  • Heavy (14 lbs)
  • Setup could be easier

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

The Eureka Mountain backpacker tent has a great reputation for durability and attention to detail that only comes from years of manufacturing high-quality tents.

Some of these features include removable side panels for increased ventilation, 2 large vestibules for gear storage, a gear loft and pocket stashes for valuables, and 2 doors for easy access. They include the footprint too which is a great touch.

Eureka has a coveted history making durable tents. Fun fact - they’ve been building outdoor products like tents, wagon covers, and horse blankets for over a century!

The outer layer and floor are constructed of 68D 185T polyester taffeta, with PU 1800mm and PU 3000mm waterproofing, respectively.
It’s generously sized dimensions are 7 ft 4 in x 6 ft 6 in with a maximum height of 3 ft 8 in. So, this can easily fit 2 people plus gear. The front and rear vestibules provide an additional 25 ft² of storage space.

The 6 lbs 13 oz weight is lightweight for a 3 person tent without being ultralight. The side vents can be removed to lighten the load.

We really like the durability and attention to detail that this tent provides. It may not be the cheapest tent in this list, but we think it’s still a great buy for those that need peace of mind that comes from a Eureka tent.


  • Seasons: 4
  • Persons: 3
  • Weight: 6 lbs 13 oz
  • Base size: 7 ft 4 in x 6 ft 6
  • Height: 3 ft 8 in
  • Waterproofing: PU 1800mm outer layer, PU 3000mm floor.
  • Outer layer: 68D 185T polyester taffeta
  • Floor: 68D 185T polyester taffeta
  • Frame: Aluminum poles


  • Removable side panels
  • Hanging gear loft & pockets
  • Two large doors


  • Footprint included
  • Removable side vents increases versatility
  • Very durable and quality construction


  • Not the cheapest in our list, but still affordable
  • We like the gear stash, but it limits the available headspace

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

The High Peak South Col comes very highly rated for use in rough winter conditions.

The outer layer is constructed of RipStop polyester with taped seams and a waterproof coating to withstand PU 3000 mm. The floor is rated to PU 5000mm.

It’s very roomy for 2 persons with gear, or you can fit 3 persons but you’ll have limited storage space for your gear and will need to rely on the two large vestibules. The inside sleeping dimensions are 84 x 79 inches with a maximum height of 53 inches.

We’re impressed with the durability of this budget 4 season tent. The double-stitched and taped seams along with the RipStop material will preserve this tent for years to come.

We like that the tent can be set up and dismantled by one person, but is obviously quicker and easier with two.

The main potential downside is the weight. It’s 9.7 lbs which is on the heavy side and may require 2 people to share the load if you’re taking it on the trail. For a lighter tent with the same 4 season durability, you’ll need to pay considerably more.


  • Seasons: 4
  • Persons: 3
  • Weight: 9.7 lbs
  • Base size: 84 x 79 inches
  • Height: 53 inches
  • Waterproofing: Outer layer PU 3000mm, floor PU 5000mm.
  • Outer layer: RipStop polyester
  • Floor: Polyester
  • Frame: Aluminum poles


  • Clip pole, freestanding design
  • 2 vestibules & 4 gear pockets
  • Seams are taped and double-stiched


  • Durable material and construction
  • 2 large vestibules for storage
  • 5* feedback


  • 9.7 lbs is on the heavy side. Need to share the load if hiking.

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

The Arxis 2 person tent is a very affordable 4 season option. The skirting around the base of the outer layer is a great feature at this price as it really helps to keep the snow at bay.

The 210T polyester outer layer has a waterproofing coating to PU 3500mm, and the 210D Oxford floor is rated to the PU 4000mm. This waterproofing, combined with the skirt will ensure you have dry nights ready to go again the next day.

Ventilation is achieved through the flaps on the outer layer and through the two doors. In cold winter conditions, you may need to ensure the door is open a little to keep condensation from building up inside.

Whilst the ratings are good, it’s always hard to trust a cheap tent from a manufacturer that you may not have heard of. We like that Arxis offers a 20 month guarantee to give peace of mind should any quality issues arise.

The overall size is good for two people with inside dimensions of 82 x 59 inches and a maximum height of 45 inches. The two vestibules extend out another 19 inches on each side to provide gear storage.

At 5.7 lbs, this tent can easily be added to a backpack for the trail.

Whilst setup is very straightforward, it is a bit of a shame that the instructions are not in English. Potentially making it harder for some beginner campers to setup and take down.

This is a very budget-friendly 2 person tent that is virtually a risk-free purchase given the 20 month guarantee.


  • Seasons: 4
  • Persons: 2
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs
  • Base size: 82 x 59 inches
  • Waterproofing: Outer layer PU 3500mm, floor PU 4000mm
  • Outer layer: 210T polyester
  • Inner layer: Polyester & B3 air mesh
  • Floor: 210D Oxford
  • Frame: Aluminum poles


  • 2 large doors and 2 vestibules
  • Ventilation window
  • Skirt edge


  • Very affordable for a 4 season
  • Skirting on outer layer is great for snow loads
  • Compact and portable for the trail
  • 20-month guarantee


  • Setup is easy, but instructions are not in English
  • Metal stakes could be more durable. You may need to invest in higher quality stakes.

Budget 4 Season Tent Buyers Guide

We consider the following factors to be the most important when choosing a 4 season tent:


It’s easy to understand the ventilation requirements during summer. You really want it nice n breezy to ensure heat can escape.

But, ensuring there is enough ventilation during winter can sometimes confuse beginner campers as it can seem a little counter productive. I mean, you want to keep all the heat in so you close every single vent and door, right? No! Your breathing will cause condensation build up and you will wake up in a very wet tent. Not fun at all.

So ensuring your tent has adequate ventilation for winter use is very important. Ideally you have access to several vents and doors that you can use to help control the airflow to reduce any condensation build up.

Double vs Single Layer

If you’re used to summer camping, then you may not be familiar with the double layer design used for the majority of 4 season tents. The two layers help promote ventilation as the air is able to enter the outer layer via the vents and doors and the air can then easily pass through to the inner layer via large mesh openings. This greatly reduces the possibility of condensation build up.

The additional layer also provides more protection as it’s harder for the elements to penetrate. Ultimately, you will be warmer inside a two layer tent.


A quick warning about the capacity manufacturers use for their tents. The stated capacity is generally for a snug fit without any gear. So, for example, a 3 person tent can sleep 3 people, but you’ll struggle to fit in gear for all 3 people too. This gear will need to sleep in the vestibule(s).

So, if you plan on buying a tent for 2 people and gear, your best bet is to find a 3 person tent. This will ensure you aren’t cramped and you have enough room for gear too.

If you need more living space, you may be interested in an affordable multi-room tent. Just be warned that they generally aren't as well equipped to handle all 4 seasons.


This guide is targeted towards campers that have a limited budget, but still want to enjoy winter camping. So, we consider all tents in this guide as budget options. The biggest trade-off you’ll need to make when budget is a key driver is weight. You won’t find an ‘ultralight’ 4 season tent that we’d still consider a budget option. You’ll definitely need to fork out more if keeping your trail weight low is your main priority.


Whilst it’s impossible to find a budget 4 season tent that is also ultralight, weight still varies considerably between options. This weight shouldn’t always be seen as a negative. It can often mean the thick, heavy material is also more durable and more likely to hold up when the weather turns nasty.

Some of the tents we’ve recommended include removable components so you can leave them behind if you don’t need them. For example, the outer layer can be removed in many of these tents and left behind for light summer camping.

Also consider any add-ons you might purchase such as a footprint or heavy duty stakes in your total weight calculations.

To help offset the weight of a 4 season tent a common strategy is to share the load. One person takes the outer fly layer and the other takes the rest.

Pole Design & Setup

4 season tents need to be able to withstand considerable wind, snow and rain loads. So, it’s important to choose a tent and pole design that won’t buckle under the pressure.

The poles need to be able to flex under loads, but if they flex too much then they are at risk of snapping. The overall pole diameter is important too. Thicker poles generally means more stability.

Aluminum poles are popular choices for four season tents because they are strong, yet lightweight and have good corrosion resistance.

The overall design and how the poles are used matters too. Designs that have poles on the inside tend to be lighter. Whereas tent designs with external poles are heavier, but are generally able to withstand more loads. External poles can also be easier to set up, and replace should the unthinkable happen and break during a downpour.

Must-have accessories

Sure, the tent is a necessity, but may also want to ensure you come prepared with the following camping accessories:

Ground insulation

Proper ground insulation is vital in maintaining a warm tent. Adding an additional layer between yourself and the ground is an easy way to bump up your comfort level.
Some four-season tents provide a footprint included, whilst other brands sell them separately. Regardless, a cost-effective option is to buy a 6mm tarp like this waterproof grizzly tarp and cut it to size.

Sleeping bags

Most of your heat is going to come from a properly rated sleeping bag. The best 4 season tent is not going to keep you warm unless you pair it with an appropriate sleeping bag.

Camping stove

Yes, we all love a natural campfire. But, this isn’t the most practical option for winter camping. Packing a portable camping stove really is the most convenient option for cooking and making that delicious cup of morning coffee.

DIY waterproofing

We’ve focused on the waterproofing quality in each of the tents reviewed here. And, whilst we think the manufacturers do a good job, we always recommend grabbing a can or two of Scotchgard water repellent as an additional precaution.

Pay particular attention to the seams as the thousands of little holes created by the sewing machine are the main points of entry for rain or other moisture.

Final word

Your tent is your home away from home. As budget-conscious explorers, it is possible to find a quality 4 season tent that you can treasure for years to come.

Our favorite affordable 2 person tent is the Geertop 4 season. We were blown away by its performance and winter-friendly features such as the skirt and ventilation. It’s super affordable and backed by loads of positive reviews. For the price, we don’t think you can do better.

Let us know in the comments if you bought one of these tents. We’d really like to know what you thought of it.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures!

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