8 Best Boots For Hiking In Snow (Experts Choices)

Last Updated: June 30, 2018
Written by James Silva

The 8 Best Boots For Hiking In Snow

Get the right grip for smooth movement

If you are about to go to a snowy place and have plans for hiking, then you should never leave without the right pair of boots.

There are special hiking boots that will help you in getting the right grip on snow. It can be a very slippery surface and without the right pair of footwear you will find yourself in deep trouble. Thus, one must never leave for hiking without the appropriate gear. Here we have a list of some best boots for hiking in snow that you may like.

1. OuterStar Traction Cleats Ice Snow Grips best winter boots

This is one of the most affordable solution to the snow boots that you can find in the market. The stainless steel spikes that come along can dig into a number of different terrains while the chains will prevent side to side movement which allows you to stay stable and prevent the injuries. Moreover, it is highly durable and has excellent toughness and strength that is tough to find in shoes that come in this price range. The manufacturers state that the shoes won’t bend after being used for a while and has a decent performance particularly for the hikers and climbers.

Although labelled as the snow anti grip boots, these outerstar traction cleats can be used for a variety of sports. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Built with rubber, steel chains, and stainless steel claw, the product will surely last longer than you think.


  • Stainless steel spikes will dig into various terrains
  • Steel chain prevent side to side movement
  • Amazing grip strength
  • Can be used for variety of sports
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Great value for money
  • Excellent performance
  • Pretty lightweight


  • Chainlinks are not welded which increases the probability of breaking
  • Not suitable for hiking on rocky environments

2. EnergeticSky upgraded walk traction ice cleat spikes crampons best winter shoes

These are the high quality stainless steel abrasion resistant spikes that are multi directional and enhanced for performance. The chains are welded strongly which makes it a durable pair for hiking. Moreover, the traction is amazing even on the most icy surfaces. Spikes are placed brilliantly to assure that the balance and comfort is given to the users. The manufacturers claim that the ice traction cleat will not rust and you can use it on the icy terrains as per your requirements. Moreover, there is a silicone covering which is stretchable and will not tear or snap./p>

The pair is tested for flexibility and full sole coverage to make it certain that the users won’t go through any injuries. They are easy to wear and carry and are unisex i.e. can be used by both male and female hikers. Moreover, you can use it for a variety of sports and even for general stroll on icy surfaces.


  • Stainless steel spikes
  • Welded chains for increased durability
  • 19 teeth
  • Can be used by males and females
  • Ice grips provide amazing traction


  • Aggressive cleats provide strong grip
  • Small enough to be carried in a bag
  • Ideal for workers who have to move in snow


  • Chains may build up ice and snow under the boots
  • Some problem with fitting and sizing

3. Polar products’ women’s waterproof tactical mountain walking snow knee boots fashionable snow boots

If you are looking for a more seasoned and simpler yet useful winter shoes, then you better take a look at the polar products’ women’s waterproof tactical mountain walking snow knee boots. These are pretty useful for people that take part in winter sports. There are instances when you would wish to take off those spikes and go with a more general shoes but with enhanced grip and improved performance for snowy terrains. So, this is pretty much it.

The product is made up of synthetic leather. It has a rubber sole that provides appropriate grip on the snowy surface. With water proof nylon outer you can be certain that the water won’t enter in your shoes. Moreover, the inner side of the boots is pretty warm and it has a thick outsole that comes with deep tread which improves your movement on the surface. It has a hook up loop lacing system and is available to you in a variety of fashionable colors and styles.


  • Made up of synthetic material
  • Nylon upper to prevent water from entering your shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • 11” shaft from the arch
  • Fully lined inner part cuff to provide warmth
  • Available in various colors


  • Waterproof nylon upper
  • 3 eyelet lace up design
  • Slip resistant rubber sole


  • The zippers are not very good
  • May not be a good fit for ladies with thick legs

4. Quicksilk men fully fur lines water resistant anti-slip outdoor snow bootsmens waterproof snow boots

These are one of the essential footwear that you need in snowy areas. They come with a breathable waterproof cloth which assures that your feet get the right breathing space. Moreover, the rubber sole and water resistant fabric assures that the water is not entering your feet. They are designed to provide you appropriate protection while you move in the snow.

With appropriate toe cap for additional protection, these boots assure that you are safe during the long hikes. Moreover, the shoe can be put on and taken off with ease and are a comfortable footwear that you may find pretty useful. The manufacturers provide you a chance to exchange or have refund for your purchase. You can contact their support and you will be guided about the process.


  • Waterproof pair made with breathable material
  • Rubber sole with slip resistance
  • Toe cap particularly designed for safety of hikers
  • Easy exchange and refund policy


  • Made up of breathable cloth
  • Fully fur lining on the inside of the shoes
  • Manufacturers offer exchange and refund


  • As it is breathable, it may collect some moisture
  • Some people claim that there is a paper coming long asking for a 5 star review in exchange of another pair of shoes

5. Vsque women’s snowblime winter hiking bootstylish snow boots

If you are looking for a comfortable leather shoes then the Vasque women’s snowblime winter hiking boot can be your pick. These are strong and durable pair of footwear and come with a rubber sole. The shaft measures around 5.5” from the arch while the heel measures approximately 1.75” and provide decent cushioning. The platform of the shoes is 0.75” wide and overall the shoe is of great quality.

The best thing about this pair is the ultradry waterproofing system. It assures that your feet are dry even in the most moist conditions and no water enters from any side in your shoes.


  • UltraDry waterproofing system
  • Comes with a unique tongue cushion technology for comfort
  • 3M thinsulate inner for appropriate insulation
  • Molded rubber is used from heels to toes


  • UltraDry waterproofing system assures that your feet are kept dry
  • Great rubber sole with decent grip
  • Amazing comfort level


  • Rides high on the ankle and may be a little irritating for people with stiff ankle

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6. KEEN women’s hoodoo III winter bootbest womens waterproof snow boots

For the ladies that look forward to shoes from $150-$200 price range, the KEEN women’s hoodoo III winter boot can be a perfect pick. These are one of the snow boots for women and not only provide you great grip but are also pretty warm and comfortable. Made up of rubber sole and faux fur, these shoes are designed lavishly and measure around 8.5” from the arch.

This footwear comes with assurance that no water will enter your feet as they are quilted waterproof. With faux fur collar and lace up vamp, they provide you great warmth at the inside and makes it certain that you have warm feet even in the most snowy conditions and freezing temperature. It is backed up by 200g KEEN warm insulation and with the thermal heat shield footbed you will feel a lot comfortable while wearing it.


  • Made up of waterproof nubuck leather
  • Faux fur collar
  • 200g KEEN special warm insulation
  • Footbed with thermal heat shield technology for additional comfort
  • Rubber outsole comes with a dual compound snow and ice grip


  • Lightweight and stylish footwear
  • Comfortable
  • Warm inner with room for thicker socks


  • May feel a little stiff on first few wearing
  • Side zipper clog up in mud

7. Salomon kaina mid CS waterproof W snow bootbest stylish winter boots

Another hiking shoes, made up of synthetic material from top to bottom, this Salomon kaina mid CS waterproof W snow boot comes with the adjustable circumference. The company has been around in the business for a little over 60 years now and deal with various winter sports and ice equipment. With their perfectly designed shoes, you are in for some good treat.

The footwear come with a gusseted tongue. There is a midsole made up of molded EVA. The manufacturer has taken insulation and temperature issue in snowy conditions into consideration and has made these boots with a proper insulation temperature technology known as the climatherm HD. Moreover, the waterproofing is taken into consideration and the Climashield waterproof membrane assures that the water does not enter your footwear and can be considered as warmest snow boots.


  • Comes with gusseted tongue
  • Proper insulation with Climatherm HD technology
  • Waterproofing done with the help of Climashield waterproof memberane
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • Designed for performance and mountain sports


  • Good looking and lightweight pair of shoes
  • Sole designed particularly for use on icy terrains
  • Made up of synthetic, comfortable material


  • Issues with sizing

8. Arctiv8 men’s insulated waterproof rubber sole winter snow bootsBest Boots For Hiking In Snow

These shoe come with a man made material and have durable rubber outsole. They are great for traction as they come with multi-directional lugs. The shoes can be used on numerous terrains and are some of the best winter boots that you will find in the market. They have a waterproof shell at the bottom to avoid water from entering your shoes as you step into the icy fields. Moreover, the 200g thermolite insulation allow you to use these footwear in as low as -25F temperature. With the footbed crafted for comfort with the cushioned EVA, the all weather protection insulation layer makes them a great choice. They are oil and slip resistant and will be a great companion for long hikes in cold winters.


  • Thermolite insulation for warm inner
  • Multi-directional lugs provide great traction abilities
  • Footbed cushioned with EVA for better support
  • All-weather protection
  • Waterproof shell at bottom and premium waterproof upper
  • Oil and slip resistant shoes


  • Keeps feet warm due to amazing insulation
  • Decent traction


  • Some reviews question the durability of the shoes

Final words

The above are some best boots for hiking in snow that you can find around. Do note that they can be good or bad for you depending on the intended use and the way you hike. For people with a low budget, the OuterStar can work best. However, if you look to get a high-end shoe, then the KEEN hoodoo III may be your pick. Overall, the Energetic Sky ice traction cleat can be a decent choice.

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