10 Best Lightweight Strollers For Traveling

Last Updated: December 10, 2017
Written by James Silva

One of the essentials you need when expecting a child is a lightweight stroller. The lightweight strollers found on the market today have a wide range of features that will guarantee your child’s comfort. In addition, they are extremely easy to use when going to the mall or taking a stroll around your hood. They are also convenient and perfectly suitable whenever you’re traveling.

There’s no shortage of lightweight strollers for toddlers on the market today. However, with these options, comes the problem of picking the best model that will suit your personal needs. As a matter of fact, it can be quite challenging to get the right stroller for your young one.

If you’re looking for the best light weight stroller for travel, then worry no more. Below is a comprehensive guide that will help you choose the best lightweight baby stroller.

Here are top 10 best lightweight stroller 2020 reviews:

1. Summer Infant 3dlite Convenience Stroller

Best Lightweight Strollers 2020

The summer infant 3Dlite stroller has a sturdy aluminum frame which makes it incredibly light and easy for you to push and carry. Apart from being lightweight, the 3Dlite is quite durable and will serve you and your child for many years.

The stroller features an open design that allows you access the big storage pocket or adjust it to a flat position for your baby to take a nap or when changing diapers.

Another reason why the 3Dlite is ranked among the best lightweight strollers is because of its wide range of exciting features such as the wide umbrella' canopy. The canopy helps to protect your child from the harmful sun rays (its 99.9% protective).

It also comes with a cup holder and storage place for your water or coffee.


  • It has a very large storage
  • It can hold purses, diaper bags, coffee or water, cell phone and keys.
  • It is adjustable to 4 positions and comes with 5E5 point safety harness'
  • The sturdy aluminum frame makes the stroller extremely durable
  • It features a very large seat for your child to rest comfortably
  • It has an adjustable and detachable canopy
  • Easy storage as it folds quite well.

2. Jeep North Star Stroller

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The Jeep brand stroller is ideal for any parent traveling with their little one. It is stylish, convenient, comfortable and secure. It also features a large canopy incorporated with a sun visor to keep your child safe from harmful sun rays.

For the safety of your baby, the stroller has a footrest, calf support, and a aD3-point safety harness.' Besides, it has a suspension system that gives you total control of your stroller.

The fascinating fact about the Jeep brand stroller is that even on the warmer days, your child will be extremely comfortable. The cushioned seats fold up into a cozy headrest while the mesh at the rear allows free flow of air.


  • It comes with a large storage basket beneath.
  • Can comfortably accommodate a weight capacity of about 40 lbs. 
  • There's an extended canopy, integrated with a sun visor
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Its padded handles provide a comfortable and easy grip.
  • It comes with a footrest and a calf support which keeps your kid comfortable.
  • Its strong frame and lightweight features enhance portability.

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3. Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Best Lightweight Stroller

Due to its unique design, the Pockit Lightweight stroller qualifies to be one of the most compact stroller worldwide, according to the "Guinness World Records."

This is the ideal stroller while traveling in the city or for daily adventures. It has a feature that allows you to change from push to carry in a few seconds.

What most people love about the Pockit is the fact that it folds so easily and takes little space thus easy to store. Furthermore, its compact design makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. What's more, it can even fit in certain handbags.

Even though it's relatively small in size, the model is very strong. The stroller is made of high-quality materials this stroller can carry kids of up to 55 lbs.


  • It has a five-point safety harness' which comes with a crotch and shoulder cushion for your child's comfort.
  • The stroller has a very large storage basket that can comfortably accommodate up to 11 pounds.
  • When unfastened its wheels can make a 360 degree turn for quick maneuvering.
  • It has a feature that allows the user to lock the wheels for stability when on uneven ground.
  • It features an exceptionally compact design
  • Made of a strong aluminum frame, thus durable.
  • It has an extended canopy to protect your kid from the sun rays
  • Easy to use; you can push it with just a single hand.

4. Cosco Umbrella Stroller, Monster Elliot

Best Lightweight Stroller 2018

You need to take a walk with the Cosco Umbrella Stroller to understand just how great it feels. Your kid will enjoy every bit of ride in this outstanding stroller. It comes with a lightweight frame that folds easily. It is also easy to store as you can carry it in your car or put it inside a closet.

It has plenty of space that allows your little one to take a nap comfortably. In addition, it is simple to set up, you will be good to go in just a few seconds.


  • It has a remarkable design with a canopy that your baby will enjoy.
  • Its compact design allows the stroller to fold and store quite easily.
  • The Cosco Umbrella is a cool and comfortable stroller with a removable canopy.
  • Its seats recline in different position to ensure your kid is comfortable
  • With the padded handles, the stroller has an incredibly comfortable and firm grip.
  • It has '3-point harness' to secure your child when traveling on bumpy terrain.
  • It's easy to assemble. All you have to do is attach the front wheels and you are ready to start your stroll.
  • It is easy to store as it folds to a compact size.
  • Made of a lightweight and long-lasting frame.
  • Its wheels are simple to maneuver and fastens when you stop moving to ensure the stability of your kid.

5. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

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The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is an all mother's favorite stroller. It is among our 10 best lightweight stroller due to its snug seat, large canopy and plenty of storage space.

It is ideal for traveling and exploring. It folds to a compact size and weighs 11.8 lbs. The stroller has a one-hand fold. It has a compact design and you can carry it in your car while traveling.

The Cloud plus features an extra-large storage for all your child's essentials. Its seat has several reclining positions to ensure your baby is comfortable. It can hold up to 50 pounds.

In addition, it has a large canopy that protects your little one from the harmful sun rays and a peek-a-boo window.'


  • It is ideal for all parents as it comes with a large storage space and a drink holder.
  • It features all-terrain wheels to ensure that your baby gets a smooth ride.
  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • The Cloud Plus is a lightweight stroller ideal for all your day trips.
  • Several reclining positions
  • Easy storage and assembly.
  • An extended canopy.

6. Summer Infant 3D-One Convenience Stroller

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Having been made of a heavy-duty aluminum frame, the 3D-one convenience certainly makes it to the top 10 list of lightweight strollers. It is incredibly durable. It is also a very light one stroller making it portable.

Besides, it's easy to fold and has a carry strap. The strap allows you to carry with ease while moving around. It has a weight capacity of 13 pounds. The 3D-one convenience stroller has a compact design and you only need three easy steps —raise the handle, move the level forward using your foot and finally fold it.


  • Its wheels have an auto-lock that ensures the safety of your kid when you stop moving.
  • It comes with a large storage space perfect for holding your purse, keys, cell phone and diaper bags. With a cup holder, you do not have to worry about your coffee or your kid's bottle.
  • The 3Dlite convenience stroller has an extended canopy that is easy to adjust so as to protect the sensitive skin of your little one from direct sun rays.
  • Long lasting with an extra large sitting area.
  • It has 4 reclining positions
  • Its front wheels have an anti-shock feature
  • Easy to fold and has a carry strap to enhance portability

7. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

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When you want to purchase a lightweight double stroller, the Joovy Caboose should be your first choice. It is compact, light and quite efficient. This stroller is specifically made for two kids, but of different ages.

Due to its advanced features, the Caboose Ultralight Graphite allows the older kids to choose either to sit or stand during a ride. It is made of new graphite and it's lighter as compared to its predecessor.

It weighs 22 lbs when fully assembled; meaning it is lighter compared to most single strollers. The new Caboose Ultralight Graphite is every parent's favorite because of its compact design.


  • It comes with an extra-large canopy that ensures your baby's safety against the harmful sun rays.
  • It features a car seat adapter
  • It has a parent organizer
  • It has ample storage space with 2 drink holders and pockets
  • Folds into a compact size thus saves on space.

8. Summer Infant GoLite Convenience Stroller

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Being one of the best lightweight strollers, the Summer Infant GoLite Convenience stroller comes with an extra-large seat and provides you with several reclining positions to ensure the comfort of your little one.

Furthermore, it has an extended canopy that you can easily remove and adjust to ensure the safety of your child against the harmful sun rays. You will also love the large basket which offers storage for your baby's necessities.

What more could you wish for? With all the amazing features —lightweight, compact design and so on- it's time to get your GoLite Convenience stroller.


  • The GoLite Stroller folds quite easily; you just have to raise the handle and you are good to go.
  • The several reclining positions enables you to adjust to any angle you want.
  • It is durable, portable and lightweight.
  • It has enough storage for your diaper bag, keys, cell phone and purse. The storage bags are very fast to access; all your basics are within your reach.
  • The wheels have locks that ensure your little one is safe and have a smooth ride even when strolling on bumpy terrains

9. JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

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The new Groove Ultralight Umbrella is an outstanding stroller that comes with multi-recline positions and a bassinet look to comfortably accommodate infants and older kids with up to 55 lbs weight capacity.

The Groove stroller has a water-resistant soft fabric and an extended canopy for your baby's protection against direct sunlight. It certainly ranks among the best lightweight strollers that you can get on the market today.

The manufacturers have included another cup holder and advanced the wheels, thus it is simple to push the stroller and travel to different terrains.

The Groove has an upgraded four-wheel suspension and a footrest that you can easily adjust making your child's ride comfortable and smooth. Besides, it also features a Dpeek-a-boo window' that lets you watch your kid all the time.

Another interesting feature is the fact that you can take your kid for a stroll after dinner because the stroller has reflectors that light up when it's dark.


  • It comes with zippered pockets where you can store your phone, purse, keys and other valuables.
  • It folds with ease and can stand on its own
  • Extremely portable due to its light weight -14Ibs. It also has a carry strap.
  • It can accommodate your baby from when newborn up to 55 lbs.
  • An extended canopy for sun protection
  • High-quality aluminum frame
  • It features a zippered pocket and 2 drink holders
  • Compact design
  • A reflector that keeps you and your kid safe while strolling at night.

10. Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller

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Do you want a smooth ride for your baby? If yes, then you should try out the Graco Verb stroller. It integrates Click Connect technology that keeps your child safe and secure. The Graco verb comes with a wheel-suspension and several reclining positions to ensure your kid has a smooth ride.

It comes with several additional features such as a baby's and parent's tray, beverage holders and storage baskets that will make you and your child happy.


  • It features a one-hand fold and can stand on its own.
  • It also comes with a carry strap that makes it easy to carry around.
  • The Graco has a suspension system that offers your baby an enjoyable and smooth ride on any terrain.
  • It has an ample storage space to hold your child's necessities.
  • Its Chili Red Fashion is perfect for any kid. It is available in charcoal gray, taupe and bright red colors.

If you’re specifically looking for a lightweight stroller, be sure to check out the options provided above. The above models are considered to be among the best-rated strollers on the market. With these models, you can be certain to find one that will suit your budget and use the same information to make informed buying decisions.

REMEMBER before you buy a stroller, you must look at its frame; it must be stable and strong. The safety of your child is very important. Ensure you check all the safety features before making your purchase. Happy shopping!

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