Best Way To Pack Tent For Hiking & Backpacking

Last Updated: January 5, 2020
Written by James Silva

What is the best way to pack a tent for hiking and backpacking?

If you are going hiking or camping for a couple of days, you will probably be carrying a substantial backpack. What's more, that it is a forest or a mountain you have decided on your outdoors trip.

The chances are you will be resting in nature and conveying every one of the essentials with you. For more progressively expert hikers, this would include a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking basics.

best way to pack tents

Regardless of whether you're going hiking, you'll be doing a great deal of walking with a heavy rucksack. To make those long treks simpler, you should know how the perfect ways to pack perhaps the heaviest thing you'll have, the tent.

Packing your backpack incorrect way can lead to injury and back strain. When you pack your tent the right way, you'll locate your next outdoor experience considerably more pleasant.

Before to pack in your tent in your backpack, lay it level flat first and check whether it isn't damp, at that point you will need to dry it completely. If a tent is excessively wet, it won't just add unnecessary load to the backpack yet, besides making other stuff around it damp. It might likewise cause mold and mildew.

Step 1:

Most importantly, take the tent polls that accompanied your tent, and put them in a bag they came in. Presently take the tent and lay it level on the ground, ensuring there is no moistness. The bag with the poles needs to be at the base of the smoothed out tent.

Step 2:

Start rolling the tent alongside the poles into the littlest possible bundle, ensuring both are adjusted. Remember that these need to be folded into much a straight line as possible.

If you are thinking that the arrangement is everywhere, unroll and start once more. A badly rolled tent will make for awkward backpacking later on. The poles present in the middle of the tent will furnish it with solidness and steadiness.

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Step 3: 

The more tightly the tent is rolled, the better. The more freely you pack your tent, the more space it will shake.

There is likewise an opportunity of it getting free and spreading out inside your backpack, making your other gear gets tangled up, and winding up harming either the tent or your gear you carrying.

Step 4: 

If you have an additional bag that comes with the tent, keep the folded tent into it and fix it up as much as you can. You presently have a compact tent fit to be stuffed in. Presently proceed onward to your backpack for the final step.

Step 5:

Take the inventory of what you are carrying and keep the heavier things aside. These will go at the base of the backpack with the goal that the weight is circulated evenly between your shoulders, your spine, and the highest point of your hips. Keep in mind, about 40% of your body weight should be in the backpack to carry a tent.

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