Hammocks and Tents: Which is better and why?

Last Updated: January 3, 2020
Written by James Silva

Hammocks and Tents: Which is better and why you should buy them?

If you are one of those people who like to go out for long adventures and probably will be out for long then you should consider choosing something special to sleep at night.

Picking a spot for camping is one thing and spending a night in the wilderness is the second most important thing.

But when you are there are lots of debates going on which one to choose when it comes to traditional tents and hammocks and who is better than the other in terms of space and comfort.

The importance of Hammocks

Today the popularity of hammocks is increasing because they are considered a relaxing, wonderful way to spend your night sipping tea or reading a book. But when it comes to choosing hammocks they can protect you against groundwater and rain as well.

hammocks vs tents

They can be set up between two dotted trees and can be used in campsites and they offer you a brilliant steep with rocky terrain for ground camping.

Hammocks are made for hikers and backpackers who are always quick placement and could take it anywhere they want in their backpacks. Here are some pros and cons to it.


  • Can be set consistently
  • Fast setup
  • Protection from groundwater and rain
  • Warmer
  • Pest free
  • Takes lesser space


  • Not a good option during windy situations
  • Requires rocks and tress

The importance of tents

This is where hammock gets left behind because when you set up it, only one person can sleep, but tents are not only traditional but also old age option for most camping lovers.

budget seasons tents

There are still many people who pick tents over hammocks because of their flexibility and sturdiness, and spaciousness. Let's check out the pros and cons of it including,


  • Strong against all weather conditions
  • More comfortable
  • Strength
  • Spacious
  • Comes with a sleeping pad


  • Pitching
  • A little bit heavier
  • Finding a good site
  • Dealing with tent poles

Hammocks vs. tents overview

Many other things make both of them valuable in their respected features for camping. If you can’t decide which one is better to try to read the below-mentioned highlights to clear your mind and get a better idea of choosing?

1) The price

Hammocks $70.95

Tents $140.38

Winner Hammock

2) Weight and size

A hammock weighs only 1 or 2 pounds with strong bug nets, straps, and tarp

A tent weighs about 4 to 5 pounds

Winner Hammock

3) Comfort

A hammock can be stretched between two excellent spaced pine trees (probably not for sleeping but more campsite crouch)

A tent is a perfect place for sleeping

Winner tent

4) Setup

Both of them have zero moderately difficulty

The winner is: it’s a tie

5) Limitations

On rocky grounds, nasty slopes, and wet areas won’t work, also in dense forests, it is hard to find a spot to set up a tent

Winner hammock


There you have it, folks, the difference between hammocks and tents, both of them offer something special and you can choose any of them depending on your camping needs.

Also, check out 4 season tents.

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