The cost of maintaining a motorbike

Last Updated: January 13, 2020
Written by James Silva

Before actually purchasing a motorbike, the first thing you would think of is its actual cost and the cost that would be required for its maintenance. It is a known fact that owning a motorbike would cost you less and would lessen your travel expenses when compared to a car. Traveling each day to university, for work, or any other purpose would definitely cost you less than travelling in a car.

This is why, most youngsters are seen riding motorbikes, as it could be lighter on their pockets. But however, you don’t have to buy a motorbike just for the sake of saving some money off your daily commute. You should consider that once you have invested the money for buying a bike, it is not the end.

You would have to spend a lot on maintenance too. Therefore, before making a purchase decision, it would be a lot wiser on your part if you consider the maintenance costs as well.

You need to give a thought to some major things before making a decision. You need to consider two basic factors, one-time costs, and the ongoing costs. One-time costs mean that you would have to bear the cost once, after that you won’t be required to spend money. Ongoing costs are those that you have to bear from time to time, which basically includes the maintenance expenses as well. Moreover, you have to keep in mind the following costs before jumping into a decision.

The Bike

You first need to determine the actual cost of the bike. Every motorbike does not cost the same. The prices can differ because of the updated model. If it is going to be your first time riding a bike, it would be advisory for you to buy a second hand bike to have an idea about the maintenance costs. If you want to buy a new bike, it would cost you around $5000 to $10,000 depending on the model you want to purchase.

Safety Gear

The safety gear is your helmet. You wouldn’t want to ride a bike risking your life. Therefore, you would also need to buy a helmet as they are lifesaving. Other important riding gears could include gloves, boots and jackets for safety. However, these costs can also differ according to different brands selling these safety gears.

Maintenance and repair costs

A newly purchased motorbike would cost little or no repair cost, but a second hand bike would require heavy repair costs. Moreover, owning a motorbike would cost you a lot on maintenance. Just changing a tire could be heavy on your pocket. Changing oils and maintaining chains is also costly.

Insurance costs 

Insurance helps you in time of injuries or damage of vehicles. Each year you would have to pay a certain cost for insurance.


Your bike is not going to run on water. You would have to bear fuel costs as well. You need to have an estimate of your fuel expenses as well before buying a bike.

Mechanics Toolset for motorbike maintenance If you want your vehicle to be with you for a little longer, you would have to work on maintenance.

Pressure Gauge

With this tool, you can check the air requirements of your tire. It will ensure that your tires stays with you for more time.

Torque Wrench

In order to pull out some parts and then fasten them together, you would require a torque wrench. You need to keep a small and a medium wrench in your toolset.

Screw Driver

To screw in nuts, you would need a good quality cordless screwdriver.


This tool can help you in pulling parts in various angles.

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