The Habits of a Craftsman – A craftsmen’s mindset.

Last Updated: January 13, 2020
Written by James Silva

Craftsman is a person who has the skills, abilities, and capabilities of doing a particular job. They have mastery in what they are doing. A craftsman is not an individual who possesses certain qualities, rather a craftsman could be any person who has the expertise in performing his/her job. A mechanic performing his job with full attention could be a craftsman. Any person giving time and efforts to his work, and seeing work as a passion and a hobby is a craftsman. A craftsman puts so much efforts into his work that he even forgets about his own self. What matters to him the most is his work.

Following are some of the habits a craftsman possess.

Focused at achieving mastery

A craftsmen does not look for fame or popularity, rather they are most focused on achieving the best results. They want to use their skills in a better way to get positive results out of their crafts.

Show Dedication in work

A successful craftsman is one who is dedicated enough with his crafts. To gain expertise, they have to give up their leisure time and have to make various financial sacrifices. They lose their sleep and important relations because they are not being able to give time to them. But it is not a loss to them since they achieve mastery in their work. They spend a lot of time in practicing their crafts and focus on new ways of doing things.

Practice, practice, and practice

A craftsman who wants others to be proud of his work puts continuous practice and tiring efforts into his work. He does not stop practicing ever. Practicing crafts help them doing their work in less time and to achieve mastery.

Become occupied with their work

Craftsmen give their life to their work. They see work as a hobby, a habit, not a job. It gives them a feeling they are doing what they love, instead of performing a task at job. Their work becomes their passion. They are always so occupied with their work that they forget giving time to their own selves even. But at the end, their work reflects their efforts.

Long term satisfaction with their crafts

Craftsmen see work as their passion, as a hobby. Hence, they show satisfaction in their work. They are fully satisfied with what they are doing. This gives them a direction of the future. They are self-determined, and have mastery of crafts.

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